Here you’ll find images and links to some of my original mathematical art.  Click for more information and pictures.

Artist Statement

My earliest love of mathematics came when I realized its utility in creating beautiful things. As a third grader (and ever since), I spent countless afternoons drawing stars and patterned shapes with a protractor or compass. In my work as a teacher I get to share that beauty in creation with my students. In my art I sometimes try to illuminate the complex structure and interconnectedness of simple, patterned objects. I’m compelled to understand complete spaces of related works and how my choices as an artist locate me within that space.

Fruit Crate sculpture (2013)

A series of polyhedral sculptures made from repurposed fruit crates and brass fasteners.

Icosidodecahedron pentagonal view Rhombicuboctahedron 1 Cuboctahedron square view

Cone-Cup-Ahedra (2012)

A series of polyhedral sculpture I made stapling Dixie cone cups together.

Sixteen Sixty Sixteen view 2

Yoshimoto Shorts (2012)

A pair of stop-motion animations featuring the Yoshimoto cube and a new paper model.

Yoshimoto Friends Yoshimoto Bug

Stars of the Mind’s Sky (2012)

A series of digital images and sculpture exploring the space of regular star polygons.

Star Ring 12 Star Stack 300 Stars in Orbit

Other Art

A page of pieces that might not belong in another category or deserve a page of their own.

Stars that Rule 1 Triangle folded tessellation

One response to “Art

  1. J’adore tes créations, Paul. Est-ce que l’une d’entre elles est dans le bureau de l’école? Félicitations!

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