Imbalance Abundance

I’m really happy to see how many people have been excited by these imbalance problems.  The entries continue to roll in for my imbalance problem writing contest.  You can check them all out here, and I’ll continue to update that page.  I’m so happy to see other people’s ideas stretch my thinking and help me see what’s possible.  This is just really fun.  I have some early favorites, but I won’t give anything away just yet.  Hopefully I’ll get more submissions.  maybe YOU will make one.

I’m noticing all sorts of techniques for solving them.  In fact, I learned something from a recent submission and it inspired three new puzzles of my own!  I hope you enjoy.  I’d love your feedback.

Imbalance Problem 13 20130330-224605.jpg 20130330-224612.jpg

5 responses to “Imbalance Abundance

  1. Paul, I love everything about this.

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  3. Paul, the imbalance problems are beautiful as puzzles and as drawings!

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