My New Art Gallery (and a bonus)

I’ve been very inactive on this blog for a while now (though a lot of great things are happening over at Math Munch (big news to come…)), but I have actually been very active.  This blog has been mostly for math/school pontification, but I’ve decided to start posting more broadly, beginning with more mathematical art stuff.  To that end, I’m creating an art gallery of my works here on Lost in Recursion.

You can click on the Art tab at the top of the page, or you can hover for more specific pages.  I hope you’ll click around, because I’ve included lots of images and little descriptive blurbs.  I’ll post a few pics below to whet your appetite.  Click for more of the same.

Rhombicuboctahedron 1 Sixteen
Star Stack Stars that Rule 1

I’ll continue to add to that section and use it to document and publish my work as an artist.  Speaking of which, I’m very excited to be included in the Saint Ann’s Faculty and Staff Biennial Art Show.  More on this another day.  I’ve also gotten access to a couple of very nice printers which can go as wide as 13″, so I’m excited to start making some beautiful prints of these images I’ve had lying around a while.

Here’s your bonus: a fantastic video that Justin put together showing off the three sizes of zome nodes used in our meta-meta-node.  Enjoy it all and leave a comment, why don’t ya!


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