In the thick of it

School is on for real now.  Some days are amazing, and others I have a hard time keeping on top of it all, being my best, and staying energized.  This is the standard “school’s making it hard to find time to write” post, but I have lots to share coming up.  Stuff like:

An update on free-choice time | Thoughts on being observed by my department chair | Rave reviews on some edtech stuff I’m using | Some plain good math stuff

Escher Sketch

The post about technology was a request by some of my awesome Twitter followers. (Though really I follow them.)  I love when this blog gets discussion started, and I’m happy to respond to prompts and questions, so feel free to send them my way.

Sculpting Hands

So no, there’s not any real content to this post, but the great news is the internet lets me very quickly find a series of excellent photos to share.  Here’s more in the M.C. Escher “Drawing Hands” theme and variation series.

More good pics here, and here’s one made with Lego.

-Keep learning.  Talk to you soon.

4 responses to “In the thick of it

  1. Thanks for sharing the Escher photo. He’s one of my favorite artists. Greatest compliment I ever got was from one of my art teachers. He said one of my paintings had an Escher quality about it!

  2. Glad to see you’re still finding time to blog! I’m afraid the Lego one has linkrotted away.

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