Class lists and robotic hands

I found out my course load a few weeks ago, but I’ve had a serious mental block planning them.  Who I’ll be teaching is much more important than what I’ll be teaching.  I am very serious about catering course content to my particular students this year, so without knowing who they are, whether I’ve met them, their reputations, their history as mathematicians, what math they’ve liked, and on and on – it feels almost ridiculous to think about what I want them to be doing.  Sure I have some overarching themes, some goals, and ideas here and there, but to know how it will really go, I need to know them.  You can see why I’m upset that receiving my student lists is the very final thing to happen in preparing for the year.  (more on this another time)

Thankfully, today is student list day, so it’s starting to get real.  I’m halfway through a post about architecture and “classroom management,” so here’s something awesome to tide you over.

Robotic Escher Hands by Shane Willis


2 responses to “Class lists and robotic hands

  1. Can’t wait to powwow and share lists tomorrow!
    Did you get a student list for our Mathematical Art seminar? Awesome sign-up! 17!

    • Didn’t get a class list for that yet. 17 is awesome, though. Amazing even. There was a lot of buzz about mathematical art at the end of last year. I hope people are ready to make! I am ready to create.

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