One month lost in recursion

"Me, Lost in Recursion"

Coming up on the end of my first month blogging, and I have to take a minute to say thanks. To all of my subscribers and followers on Facebook and Twitter, thank you! Your comments and questions are terrific, and I am so happy to be writing for people that really care. It feels amazing to have your support. I’m paying you back with this picture. I’m also very excited to get back into the swing of teaching again. It will be harder to find time to write, but I’m sure the ideas will be flowing. Thanks for reading. Also, thank you, iPad.

2 responses to “One month lost in recursion

  1. Interesting photo! It took me like 20 minutes of analyzing and debating which capture method you took before realizing that the iPad “camera flip” HUD button is on the wrong side of the iPad and that the whole image is flipped! Ah, mirrors, what odd things you are….

    PS: Are you left handed?*

    *PPS: If that hypothesis does turn out to be right, I think I totally have the right to talk like Sherlock Holmes for the rest of week. :)

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